Claude Speed is the assumed name of a protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto video games whose name is never mentioned and never speaks. Under this theory, he was the main character of both Grand Theft Auto 2 and III.

Character BiographyEdit

Grand Theft Auto 2Edit

"Claude" appears in the opening cinematic of GTA2.

Grand Theft Auto IIIEdit

Claude met a psychotic and sex-crazed bank robber named Catalina in the San Andreas valley of California in 1992. Soon after she used him to fire up her then-boyfriend, Los Santos gang-banger CJ Johnson, in a backwoods car race. Claude lost, but it's implied that he did so because he was pleasuring Catalina with the stick shift the whole time. They rewarded CJ with the pink slip for Catalina's run-down garage in San Fierro and made their way up to Liberty City.

There they worked together, along with Catalina's friends in the Colombian cartel, until she betrayed him and left him to take the wrap at a bank robbery. He served the time, but was freed along with another inmate named 8-Ball, who introduced him to the Leones.